Blue Green grew up in Southern Ohio during the tail-end of the booming steel industry along the Ohio River Valley. Most of the steel mills have closed their doors along the Ohio River creating what we know today as the Rust Belt. Those who come from this area are considered to be rugged, tough and strong willed. Love, compassion and kindness were looked at as a weakness and Blue was taught to be a strong provider, completely void of emotion or outward love.

Not knowing how to love others and more importantly, himself, Blue made an attempt at a family life. When someone is incapable of loving themselves they can never truly have meaningful love for others, if they do not understand what love is. At the age of 40, Blue lost his confidence, job and family. It was something he never saw coming and he never could imagine that he would be alone for the first time in his life, trying to learn to love and rebuild himself. Generally a person does not change until they either hit rock bottom or have a life changing event, this was Blue’s life changing rock bottom event.

Blue does not claim to be perfect and is on a daily journey to become a better person, friend and father who knows how to love and be loved. Blue is on a journey to learn how to be loved and share love, while striving to be a kinder, more compassionate and a caring person. Blue wants to reach out to others who do not understand how to or are incapable of loving themselves. He wants to teach those who need to know they are not alone and anyone who wants to learn from his mistakes and successes along his journey to heal and learn to love.

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